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Collaboration, PS Chemistry Education FKIP ULM & BPSDMP Kominfo Banjarmasin Hold Training


The atmosphere of the DEA activity, a collaboration between BPSDMP Kominfo Banjarmasin and PS Chemistry Education FKIP ULM (doc. Yogo)

Banjarmasin – A breakthrough was initiated by the Center for Human Resource Development and Research in Communication and Informatics (BPSDMP Kominfo) Banjarmasin. This institution collaborates with the Chemistry Education Study Program (PS), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) in Basic Digital Marketing activities – Digital Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) which is entrepreneurship-oriented and designed to prepare superior human resources in facing the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The event took place over two days, June 10-11, 2024, and was attended by 50 enthusiastic Chemistry Education students of FKIP ULM. They received comprehensive basic digital marketing training, including the formation of a digital entrepreneurship mindset, introduction to the concept of digital entrepreneurship, as well as in-depth group practices and discussions. The participants not only received theoretical briefing, but were also directly guided in the practice of creating a business account on the website and promoting products through social media such as Instagram. In a total of 13 lesson hours (JP), the material presented included building entrepreneurship, designing business models, business planning, profit plans, and utilizing digital technology.

The activity was hosted by two experienced presenters in the field of entrepreneurship, Muhammad Iqbal Adenan and Fajar Noor Ichsan, who provided invaluable insights and practical knowledge. The participants were very enthusiastic and actively participated in each session, showing high interest and earnestness to develop their skills in the digital field.

Rusmansyah, coordinator of Chemistry Education at FKIP ULM, highly appreciates this collaboration. “We are very proud of this initiative. This collaboration not only prepares our students to be reliable teachers, but also equips them with entrepreneurial skills that will be very useful in the future,” he said enthusiastically.

In line with Rusmansyah, Yogo Dwi Prasetyo as the Supervisor of the Chemistry Education Student Association (Himki) also gave his views, “We hope that this collaboration will continue and get stronger. Chemical Education students must be ready to face the challenges of the world of work with various competencies, especially in the digital and entrepreneurial fields. That way, they can be more flexible and innovative in developing their careers,” he explained. He hopes that after completing this training, participants will not only become competent teachers in the field of chemistry, but also be able to develop creative and innovative digital businesses. With the provision of qualified digital skills, FETT ULM Chemistry Education students are expected to be able to face the challenges of the current and future world of work with confidence.

“This DEA activity is proof that collaboration between educational institutions and government agencies can produce useful and relevant programs, preparing young people who are ready to compete in the digital era. Hopefully this activity will continue and inspire many parties to carry out similar initiatives for mutual progress,” he added. (admin)

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