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Two Professors of FKIP ULM become Guest Lecturers of FKIP Unmul


Photo with participants and organizers of FKIP Unmul Public Lecture with the speakers, Professors of FKIP ULM, Jumadi and Ersis Warmansyah Abbas (doc. Jumadi)

Samarinda – Two Professors of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) of Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM), Jumadi and Ersis Warmansyah Abas were invited by FKIP Mulawarman University Unmul as speakers for a public lecture themed “Writing Scientific Articles in Reputable International Journals”. The event was held in the Dean’s Meeting Room, 3rd floor, FETT Mulawarman University at 09.30 WITA.

The event was opened by the Vice Dean for General Affairs, Human Resources, and Finance of FETT Unmul, Mukhamad Nurhadi with a speech that emphasized the importance of scientific article writing skills to improve academic quality and university reputation. This activity was also attended by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of FETT Unmul, Bibit Suhatmady; Head of the Social Studies Education Department of FETT Unmul, Reza; Head of the MIPA Education Department of FETT Unmul, Abdul Hakim; and Coordinator of the Master Program in Indonesian Language and Literature Education of Unmul, Yusak Hudiyonio who also acted as the organizer of this public lecture.

In the public lecture session, Jumadi delivered material on effective and efficient scientific article writing strategies, starting from selecting relevant topics to writing techniques according to the standards of reputable international journals. Meanwhile, Ersis Warmansyah Abas provided insight into the process of submitting articles to international journals, including how to handle the article review and revision process.

In addition to providing public lecture material, this event was also used to socialize the Lambung Mangkurat University S3 program. It is hoped that this socialization can open opportunities for FETT students of Mulawarman University to continue their studies to a higher level at the university. This public lecture event was successful and received a positive response from the participants. (source: fkip.unmul.ac.id with some adjustments)


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