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Various Scholarship Programs at FKIP ULM

Numerous scholarship opportunities covering up to 100% tuition.

90.90% Study Programs at FKIP ULM are Accredited as Excellent.

20 of 21 study programs at FKIP ULM are accredited as excellent

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Welcome to Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Lambung Mangkurat University.
Committed to building an Integrity Zone towards a Corruption-Free Area and a Clean and Serving Bureaucracy

10 Reasons to Choose FKIP ULM?

Here are 10 reasons why you choose to study at FKIP ULM:

FKIP ULM has a good reputation in education and research, providing a supportive academic environment for students.
FKIP ULM provides comprehensive and modern facilities to support the learning process, such as a rich library with learning resources, laboratories equipped with advanced equipment, and comfortable classrooms.
FKIP ULM has quality and experienced faculty members in their respective fields, ready to guide and inspire students to reach their maximum potential.
FKIP ULM provides a range of study programs designed to match students' interests and talents, ranging from teacher education, language education, and sports education.
FKIP ULM has close partnerships with various schools in its region, both at the elementary and high levels. Through this collaboration, students have the opportunity to engage in community service activities, teaching internships, and other collaborative projects that enrich their educational experiences and make positive contributions to the local community.
FKIP ULM pays serious attention to the career development of its students, by organizing various career development activities, seminars, and workshops to enhance skills and prepare students for entering the workforce.
The campus of Lambung Mangkurat University is located in a comfortable and secure environment, with supporting facilities such as dormitories, student activity centers, and sports facilities.
For those interested in research, FKIP provides opportunities to engage in various research projects, with support from expert faculty members. This also opens up opportunities for publishing scientific publications.
Alumni of FKIP ULM are spread across various fields and industries, providing opportunities for new students to build a wide network and gain inspiration and mentorship from successful alumni.
FKIP ULM remains committed to developing innovative teaching methods that are in line with the times, so that students can gain valuable and relevant learning experiences to meet the ever-changing demands of the job market.


Lambung Mangkurat University and the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education provide various services to facilitate the entire academic community of FKIP ULM.
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