Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan

Student Affairs & Alumni

Student Affairs

Student Activity

FKIP ULM offers various student activities through diverse student organizations. According to the SKPI Guidelines, every involvement and achievement of students in these organizations will be officially recorded, providing significant added value for students' personal and professional development.

Student Mobility

To equip students with international visions and multicultural learning experiences, we are dedicated to offering our students opportunities to experience various learning activities abroad through study visits and exchange programs. The programs are funded by university, Indonesian government, and partner universities through collaborative programs.


Tracer Study

Tracer Study is a specially designed application to record and analyze the career paths of alumni from Lambung Mangkurat University. By utilizing this application, we can track the career trajectories of our alumni, understand job placement trends, and identify labor market needs to enhance curriculum relevance.

Graduation Rate

FKIP ULM has a strong track record in terms of its student graduation rate. Through continuous efforts to enhance the quality of education, we have achieved a satisfactory graduation rate, reflecting our commitment to supporting students' academic success.