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Supporting IKU Achievements, PS PIPA FKIP ULM Holds National Seminar


Photo session with the National Seminar of Science Education PS FKIP ULM (doc. committee)

Banjarmasin – As part of a series of work programs designed to support the achievement of the Main Performance Indicators (IKU), the Natural Science Education Study Program (PS) of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) held a National Seminar (semnas) with the theme “The Role of Social Studies Education in Building a Superior Generation and Entrepreneurship Spirit.” This national seminar was held on Saturday, June 15, 2024 at the Rectorate Hall, 1st Floor ULM starting at 09.00 Wita.

This seminar presented the Dean of FKIP ULM, Sunarno Basuki as the keynote speaker and two presenters, namely Professor of Semarang State University (Unnes), Ani Susilowati, and Doctor of Chemistry Education FKIP ULM who is also the secretary of LPMPP (Institute for Quality Assurance and Education Development) ULM, Arif Sholahuddin. The moderator of the seminar session was Yasmine Khairunnisa. The event was attended by lecturers and students of PS PIPA FKIP ULM, and invited guests including the Head of the Department of Mathematics and Science Education (JPMIPA), Syahmani; Head of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) FKIP ULM, Nuruddin WIranda; and ICT Secretary, Sa’addudien Khair.

In his opening remarks, the Coordinator of PS PIPA, Syubhan Annur said that this activity aims to improve the quality of students and also add new insights to the science education academics. “In the future, we will make this activity routine every year by inviting various experts in the field of science and make PS IPA continue to excel in various programs to support IKU,” he said passionately.

This activity was divided into two sessions, namely the seminar session until 13.30 WITA and the paper presentation session starting at 14.00 WITA. The seminar session was attended by around 200 participants, while the presentation session was attended by 20 presenters, 6 of whom participated offline from a number of universities, namely Banjarmasin Open University, Indonesian Education University, Makassar State University, Banjarmasin State Islamic University (UIN) Antasari, and UIN Sunan Gunung Jati Bandung, and of course from ULM.

In the seminar session, the Dean of FKIP ULM conveyed how to build a generation of innovators and future entrepreneurs, while another resource person, Ani Susilowati delivered a presentation entitled “Science Learning Innovation in Building the Spirit of Entrepreneurship”. Arif Sholahuddin delivered material in a critical perspective with the title “Can Constructivism Form Entrepreneurship Skills?”

In his presentation, Sunarno Basuki talked about the importance of science education in building future generations of innovators. He outlined the latest data on the condition of Indonesia’s science literacy while emphasizing how important science education is carried out effectively and interestingly. The Professor of Physical Education at FKIP ULM also emphasized that if science learning is not interesting for Indonesian students, there will be few students who are interested so that few competitive innovations are born from the nation. Whereas innovation is an important part of the entrepreneurial world. “A successful entrepreneur is not only an innovative product, but also an imaginative mindset. These characters can all be developed in science learning,” he said. (admin)

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